Class AbstractFbWireInputBlob

    • Method Detail

      • getBlobId

        public final long getBlobId()
        The Firebird blob id
      • isOutput

        public final boolean isOutput()
        true if this is an output blob (write only), false if this is an input blob (read only)
      • putSegment

        public final void putSegment​(byte[] segment)
                              throws java.sql.SQLException
        Description copied from interface: FbBlob
        Writes a segment of blob data.

        Implementation must handle segment length exceeding FbBlob.getMaximumSegmentSize() by batching. TODO: reconsider and let caller handle that?

        Passing a section that is length 0 will throw an SQLException.

        segment - Segment to write
        java.sql.SQLException - If this is an input blob, the blob is closed, the transaction is not active, the segment is length 0 or longer than the maximum segment size, or a database connection error occurred.