Class XcaConnectionEvent

  • public final class XcaConnectionEvent
    extends java.lang.Object
    The XcaConnectionEvent class provides information about the source of a connection related event. A XcaConnectionEvent instance contains the following information:
    • Type of the connection event
    • FBManagedConnection instance that generated the connection event. A FBManagedConnection instance is returned from the method getSource()
    • Connection handle associated with the FBManagedConnection instance; required for the CONNECTION_CLOSED event and optional for the other event types
    • Optionally, an exception indicating the connection related error. Note that exception is used for CONNECTION_ERROR_OCCURRED
    • Constructor Detail

      • XcaConnectionEvent

        public XcaConnectionEvent​(FBManagedConnection source,
                                  XcaConnectionEvent.EventType eventType,
                                  java.lang.Exception exception)
        Construct a ConnectionEvent object.
        source - the source of the event
        eventType - Type of event
        exception - Exception associated with the event
    • Method Detail

      • getSource

        public FBManagedConnection getSource()
        The managed connection on which the event initially occurred.
      • getConnectionHandle

        public FirebirdConnection getConnectionHandle()
        Get the connection handle associated with the managed connection instance. Used for CONNECTION_CLOSED event.
        The connection handle, can be null
      • setConnectionHandle

        public void setConnectionHandle​(FirebirdConnection connectionHandle)
      • getException

        public java.lang.Exception getException()
        Get the exception associated with this event.
        Exception for this event, can be null for event type other than CONNECTION_ERROR_OCCURRED