Interface FirebirdResultSetMetaData

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    java.sql.ResultSetMetaData, java.sql.Wrapper
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    public interface FirebirdResultSetMetaData
    extends java.sql.ResultSetMetaData
    Firebird-specific extensions to the ResultSetMetaData interface.
    Roman Rokytskyy
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        columnNoNulls, columnNullable, columnNullableUnknown
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      java.lang.String getTableAlias​(int column)
      Gets the designated column's table alias.
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        getCatalogName, getColumnClassName, getColumnCount, getColumnDisplaySize, getColumnLabel, getColumnName, getColumnType, getColumnTypeName, getPrecision, getScale, getSchemaName, getTableName, isAutoIncrement, isCaseSensitive, isCurrency, isDefinitelyWritable, isNullable, isReadOnly, isSearchable, isSigned, isWritable
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        isWrapperFor, unwrap
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      • getTableAlias

        java.lang.String getTableAlias​(int column)
                                throws java.sql.SQLException
        Gets the designated column's table alias.
        column - the first column is 1, the second is 2, ...
        table alias or "" if not applicable
        java.sql.SQLException - if a database access error occurs