Interface StoredProcedureMetaData

  • public interface StoredProcedureMetaData
    Meta-information on stored procedures in a Firebird database.
    • Method Detail

      • canGetSelectableInformation

        boolean canGetSelectableInformation()
        Determine if the "selectability" of procedures is available. This functionality is only available starting from Firebird 2.1, and only with databases created by that version or later.
        true if selectability information is available, false otherwise
      • isSelectable

        boolean isSelectable​(java.lang.String procedureName)
                      throws java.sql.SQLException
        Retrieve whether a given stored procedure is selectable.

        A selectable procedure is one that can return multiple rows of results (i.e. it uses a SUSPEND statement).

        procedureName - The name of the procedure for which selectability information is to be retrieved
        true if the procedure is selectable, false otherwise
        java.sql.SQLException - If no selectability information is available