• Direct Known Subclasses:
    XSQLVAR.ByReference, XSQLVAR.ByValue

    public class XSQLVAR
    extends com.sun.jna.Structure
    JNA wrapper for XSQLVAR.

    This file was initially autogenerated by JNAerator, a tool written by Olivier Chafik that uses a few opensource projects..

    This file was modified manually, do not automatically regenerate!

    • Nested Class Summary

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      static class  XSQLVAR.ByReference  
      static class  XSQLVAR.ByValue  
      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class com.sun.jna.Structure

        com.sun.jna.Structure.FieldOrder, com.sun.jna.Structure.StructField
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      com.sun.jna.Memory getSqlData()  
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    • Field Detail

      • sqltype

        public short sqltype
      • sqlscale

        public short sqlscale
      • sqlsubtype

        public short sqlsubtype
      • sqllen

        public short sqllen
      • sqldata

        public com.sun.jna.Pointer sqldata
      • sqlind

        public com.sun.jna.ptr.ShortByReference sqlind
      • sqlname_length

        public short sqlname_length
      • sqlname

        public byte[] sqlname
      • relname_length

        public short relname_length
      • relname

        public byte[] relname
      • ownname_length

        public short ownname_length
      • ownname

        public byte[] ownname
      • aliasname_length

        public short aliasname_length
      • aliasname

        public byte[] aliasname
    • Constructor Detail

      • XSQLVAR

        public XSQLVAR()
    • Method Detail

      • getSqlData

        public com.sun.jna.Memory getSqlData()