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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
December 29, 2011
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Firebird SQL Project News — December 29, 2011

Firebird Conference 2011 is over. It was very intensive, bright and interesting. I would like to thank conference organizers, Sita Software, and personally Vincenzo Sita and Jas Madhur, for the great event and their hospitality. Also many thanks goes to sponsors, IBSurgeon, vendor of recovery and optimization tools, and IBPhoenix, Firebird support company, for their help in organizing conference.

Here you can find list of presentations and videos at official Firebird channel at and For your convenience below you can find the list of presentations with available options:

Firebird Conference 2011: Opening Philippe Makowski, Firebird Foundation Download
View at Slideshare
Review of the Firebird development in 2011/2012 Dmitry Yemanov, lead Firebird architect Download
View at Slideshare
View on YouTube
Understanding the lock manager internals with the fb_lock_print utility Dmitry Yemanov, lead Firebird architect Download
View at Slideshare
View on YouTube
New features of SQL in Firebird Vlad Khorsun, Firebird core developer Download
View at Slideshare
Firebird 3: provider-based architecture, plugins and OO approach to API Alexander Peshkov, Firebird core developer Download
View at Slideshare
What is new in .NET provider (trace support, cancellation and more) Jiri Cincura, Firebird .NET developer Download
View at Slideshare
View on YouTube
Tips for success: Common mistakes in application development with Firebird and how to avoid them Pavel Cisar, IBPhoenix Download
View at Slideshare
Continuous Database Monitoring with the Trace API Thomas Steinmauer, SCCH Download
View at Slideshare
View on YouTube
Firebird and RAID Paul Reeves, IBPhoenix Download
View at Slideshare
Firebird and Linux Philippe Makowski, IBPhoenix Download
View at Slideshare
View on YouTube
Firebird: database recovery and protection for enterprises and ISVs Alexey Kovyazin, IBSurgeon Download
View at Slideshare
Superchaging big production systems on Firebird: transactions, garbage, maintenance Dmitry Kuzmenko, IBSurgeon Download
View at Slideshare
View on YouTube
Migration of big production system: 5000 procedures/triggers, 530 tables and 24/7 uptime Alexander Shaposhnikov, Profitmed,
Alexey Kovyazin, IBSurgeon
View at Slideshare
A Bird and the Web — crossbreeding experience Sergey Mereutsa, DQTeam Download
View at Slideshare
Character Sets and Unicode in Firebird Stefan Heymann Download
View at Slideshare
Handling tree structures — recursive SPs, nested sets, recursive CTEs Frank Ingerman Download
View at Slideshare
View on YouTube
IBObjects Jason Wharton, IBObjects View on YouTube (part 1)
View on YouTube (part 2)
Measuring Firebird I/O Paul Reeves, IBPhoenix Download
View at Slideshare
Firebird meets NoSQL Thomas Steinmauer, SCCH Download
View at Slideshare
View on YouTube
Firebird Python Drivers: Current state and future Pavel Cisar, IBPhoenix Download
View at Slideshare
Firebird Success Story: Sita Software Jas Madhur, Sita Software View on YouTube
Firebird 3.0 Window Functions Philippe Makowski, IBPhoenix Download
View at Slideshare

Community News Index (

The news below was collected from FirebirdNews site. You can periodically visit the site or subscribe to its RSS feed to keep up to date in almost real-time with all the news coming from the Firebird community. Community News

[December 28, 2011] Php pdo Firebird Just published # in #ArchLinux User Repository

Ricardo Obregón published the php pdo driver in Arch Linux Repository.

[December 27, 2011] Status of PHP PDO_Firebird as of December 2011

If you have read the previous article about Firebird pdo status then you might now that almost all worked except binding parameters by name (see bug #48877).

But as a gift bug #48877 is fixed in svn, and is already in the php snapshots for 5.4.x, 5.3.x and trunk 5.5.x. So it should all work from the mentioned article. There are still some bugs left but it will be fixed until the end of the year.

PS: I now write the tests and apply the patches for Bugs #47415 and #53280.

[December 25, 2011] #AnyDAC Winter 2012 v 5.0.5 #Delphi Components for Firebird, Interbase and more
DA-SOFT Technologies announces the availability of AnyDAC for Delphi Winter 2012 release v — high-speed, Universal Data Access Components for Firebird, Interbase, SQLite, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS Access, IBM DB2, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Informix, Advantage, dbExpress, ODBC, that simplifies the task of building Embarcadero Delphi, C++Builder and Free Pascal Compiler database applications.

AnyDAC for Delphi can be immediately downloaded from the download page.

What is new in v5.0.5 and what is AnyDAC?

AnyDAC v 5.0.5 Highlights
  • major TADTable and Live Data Window mode optimization;
  • Firebird v 3 support (packaged procedures, PSQL functions, identity columns, BOOLEAN data type);
  • Firebird COMPUTED BY support;
  • PostgreSQL v 9 support (named parameters, anonymous blocks, enums);
  • Interbase v 6, 7 support;
  • Advantage v 8, 9 support;
  • SQL Anywhere v 12 support;
  • SQLite v 3.7.9 support;
  • ElevateDB ODBC support;
  • ReportBuilder DADE;
  • Multiple enahncements to the help system.
And more.

AnyDAC for Delphi

AnyDAC is an unique set of Universal Data Access Components for developing applications on Delphi, C++Builder and Free Pascal. With its powerful common architecture AnyDAC enables native high-speed direct access to Firebird, Interbase, SQLite, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, SQL Anywhere, MS Access, Informix, Advantage and more. For complete list of features and availability, please check: AnyDAC Core Features
  • Native access to Firebird, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, InterBase, SQL Anywhere, Informix, Advantage Database and more. Including latest DBMS versions.
  • Generic access to any database supported through dbExpress or ODBC data sources.
  • Optimized for best possible performance. 2 times faster than dbGo, 25% faster than dbExpress.
  • Reach API with 50 Delphi VCL components, including TADConnection, TADTransaction, TADQuery, TADStoredProc, TADTable, TADMemTable.
  • Unified API for cross-database access, including unified data type mapping, SQL dialect abstraction, connection aliases.
  • First-class support for many database-specific features, including backup, restore, validation, SQL scripting.
  • Advanced Data Access Options, including Array DML, Live Data Window mode, full Unicode support.
  • Delphi 5 to Delphi XE2, C++ Builder 5 to C++ Builder XE2, Lazarus / Free Pascal on Win32, Win64, Linux32, Linux64, Mac OS X.
  • Perfect integration as back-end driver for TMS AdvGrid, RemObjects Data Abstract, Fast Report, C4D kbmMW and more.
AnyDAC Natively Supported Databases
  • Enterprise — Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Informix.
  • Workgroup — Firebird, Interbase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere, Advantage DB.
  • Database in clouds — Microsoft SQL Azure.
  • Desktop — SQLite, MS Access, BlackFish SQL, MS SQL CE, Advantage DB.
  • Embedded — SQLite, Firebird Embedded, MySQL Embedded, Berkeley DB.
  • Bridges — dbExpress, ODBC.
With best regards,
DA-SOFT Technologies Team

[December 23, 2011] Help testing TcpRemoteBufferSize parameter

The parameter TcpRemoteBufferSize found in firebird.conf is supposed to set the maximum size of a packet being transfered. The default value for Firebird is 8K, and the maximum accepted is 32767. Theoretically, bigger packets should make the transfer of large resultsets faster (mostly noticed when connection is high latency networks, aka internet).

Recently, I did some tests with this parameter, but wasn't able to find any differences in the time of a fetchall with a select first 2000 * from some_table_with_no_blobs_and_lots_of_records. A similar test that I did last year, with different FB version and O.S. showed a speed increase of almost 3x in the fetchall time when the packet size was set to 32K, but seems that I cannot reproduce this with my current environment anymore.

If you have some time, please do some tests with this parameter, and publish the results in the comments of this post. Remember to test changing the value at client, at server, and at both, and to mention what Firebird version was used (at server, and client library too, if different). Also, I recommend to run the first select/fetchall at last one time before getting the results, to fill Firebird and O.S. cache and get more accurate results.

If you are a "hardcore" user, you may also want to install Wireshark and have an inside view of the communication process.

[December 22, 2011] List of bugfixes added for next release of FDB Python driver (0.8.0)

Pavel Cisar announced on Python Firebird list:

I forgot to mention that you can use our JIRA tracker to submit bug reports and feature requests for FDB.

And you can check already the TODO list of fixes for the next release.

[December 22, 2011] PowerConsole 0.9.2 realeased and tested with new FDB python driver

Pavel Cisar wrote on google plus about the new PowerConsole:
It was tested with new FDB driver (see for details), i.e. I've just imported fdb as kdb and skipped the kinterbasdb initialization. Surprise, surprise, it works! All issues I was able to find so far were few small bugs in pwcfb module itself :)

So, I released an update to pwcfb that should fix all issues and sets the dependency to FDB.

To install it simply use `easy_install pwcfb` and it should bootstrap it with all necessary dependencies.

pwcfb 0.9.2 : Python Package Index

Extensive package that enables PowerConsole to work with Firebird databases.

[December 22, 2011] Database .NET 5.7 released

 First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone!

I am happy to announce the new major release of Database .NET (v4) 5.7

Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool, you can Browse objects, Design tables, Edit rows, Export data and run Queries with a consistent interface. A standalone tool that does not require installation.

New Features(Ver 5.7) 2011/12/22:
Features: Supports:
  • Firebird Super/Classic/Embedded Server (*.gdb;*.fdb;*.*)
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008R2/2012
  • SQL Server CE 3.1/3.5/4.0 (*.sdf;*.*)
  • SQL Azure
  • SQLite (*.db;*.db3;*.sqlite;*.*)
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Informix
  • Sybase ASE
  • MS Access 97-2003 (*.mdb;*.*)
  • MS Access 2007-2010 (*.accdb;*.*)
  • MS Excel 97-2003 (*.xls;*.*)
  • MS Excel 2007-2010 (*.xlsx;*.*)
  • dBase IV
  • Data Sources(OLE DB) (*.udl;*.*)
  • ODBC DSN(Data Source Name) (*.dsn;*.*)
  • OData
All-In-One, Free, Simple and Standalone (no install).

 Supported Platforms: Windows All (x86/x64)
 Requires: .NET Framework 4.0 or higher

You're welcome to download the Database .NET v4 right now at: (7.32MB)

[December 21, 2011] Initial release (0.7.0) of new Python driver for Firebird — FDB is ready for testing

As promised, FDB initial release (0.7.0) is out:

It's almost feature-complete (ready for 95% of users), but it could be still buggy (it's beta!), and the code wasn't optimized for size and speed. In all other ways it's ready for wide testing.

What's missing:
  • Distributed transactions
  • ARRAY support
  • EVENTs support
  • Stream BLOBs
  • TRACE service
  • Documentation (but you can use KInterbasDB one as FDB is as close to it as possible)
  • Python 3.x support (haven't had time to test it, but it shouldn't be hard to make it work there)
What's new since my last post here:
  • Support for stored procedures (proper one according to Python DB API, behaviour is the same as in KInterbasDB)
  • Prepared Statements. It works in exactly the same way as in KInterbasDB, i.e. you can use explicit PS via cursor.prep(), or use the internal PS cached for all statements executed via cursor.execute() — it will detect previously executed command and re-use prepared statement (cached per cursor instance!).
  • Fully implemented cursor.description attribute, i.e. including precision for DECIMAL/NUMERIC fields. Should now return the same results as KInterbasDB.
  • trans_info/transaction_info and db_info/database_info calls like in KInterbasDB.
  • Better object dependency and lifetime management, so Python memory GC should be much happier now. I modelled it as much as KDB does it as possible.
Source code is also in Firebird Project's Subversion repository: (KInterbasDB source moved)

Sorry for GIT/Mercurial etc. fans, but Firebird project uses only SVN for all its code (except old obsolete ones that are still in CVS) and it would be pointless to create another type of repository for such a small project. However, you're free to set up mirrors or local repositories on GIT or whatever :)

Merry Christmas to all
Pavel Cisar
[ED: if you want to know how easy is to use, or how compatible it is related to kinterbasdb, read this post ]

[December 19, 2011] ADO.NET provider for Firebird 2.7 released

I’m happy to bring you early Christmas gift packed as ADO.NET provider for Firebird version 2.7. More info...

[December 19, 2011] Firebird Development Studio has been released

SQLLY Development team is proud to announce the next major version of Firebird Development Studio.

As usual you will get simple and clear user interface equipped with unique features like SQL code refactoring, intelligent code completion and real-time errors highlighting. Database Comparer, SQL debugger, Code Formatter and ER Diagrams designer are also at your service.

Please visit for more information. Do not miss our special christmas offer!

[December 18, 2011] Python Firebird driver PyFirebirdSQL 0.6.5 is released with new documentation page and stored procedures fixes

The most important fix is callproc() is now implemented. Here is the download page and the full changelog.

Documentation page is located on github

[December 17, 2011] Why is Firebird better DBMS than Oracle?

Beside being free (both as beer and also open source), you don’t need 24x7 DBA and there are generally less headaches. Here’s a nice example explained by Norman Dumbar in a mailing-list post. Norman administers over 600 Oracle databases and about 40 Firebird ones:

[December 15, 2011] Gifts for new members of Firebird Foundationикони цени

Special gifts for the new members of Firebird Foundation till December 31, 2011:
  • 3 *FREE* FB TraceManager Enterprise licenses (incl. 1 year subscription) for the next 3 members who either renew a VOTING membership or join as a VOTING member
  • 3 *FREE* FB TraceManager Standard licenses (incl. 1 year subscription) for the next 3 members who either renew an ASSOCIATE membership or join as an ASSOCIATE member
  • 3 *FREE* FBDataGuard licenses for the next 3 members who either renew a VOTING membership or join as a VOTING member
  • 3 *FREE* FBScanner licenses for the next 3 members who either renew a VOTING membership or join as a VOTING member
(by "Renew membership" we mean memberships which were excluded from the list there

Hurry up, only 9 gifts for new VOTING members and 3 for new ASSOCIATE members of Firebird Foundation! Join Firebird Foundation Now!

[December 14, 2011] Firebird PHP and ExtJS grid examples

are various articles about Firebird ExtJS and php. Articles are written in Russian Language, so you might need google translation.

[December 13, 2011] Database Workbench 4.2.0 released

Ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the next version of the popular multi-DBMS development tool: "Database Workbench 4.2.0 Pro". This release includes the FREE Lite versions for InterBase, Firebird and MySQL. And if you order before Jan 1st 2012, there's a 40% discount!

For more information, see here.

Click here for the full list of changes in v4.2.0

Database Workbench supports:
  • Borland InterBase (4.x - XE)
  • Firebird (1.x, 2.x)
  • MS SQL Server/MSDE (7, 2000, 2005, 2008, MSDE 1 & 2, SQL Express)
  • MySQL 4.x, 5.x
  • Oracle Database (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g)
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere (9, 10, 11 and 12)
  • NexusDB (3.0 and up)

[December 12, 2011] Using the Firebird 3.0 API with Delphi

Pierre Yager announced on firebird-devel new version of UIB with Firebird 3.0 API support:

Thanks to Vlad, we achieved the translation of the FB3 OO API in UIB Components for Delphi.

You can checkout the code from SourceForge repository :

Now, we only miss hints to deal with FbMessage, it seems that the examples (fbstuff on github) made by Adriano heavily relies on BOOST and as we don't have such possibilities with Delphi we must understand what is exactly an FbMessage and see what we can do.

Thanks for your help, regards,

[December 12, 2011] Faghmie Davids contributed his patches to firebird provider for gnome db

Here is my patch file so far for the firebird provider. [Ed: For gnome db]

It only run select statements. Your feedback and guidance will be appreciated.

There is still quite a bit missing, but at least I can now select data from a firebird database . Please note that it does not do the input,parameters for statements.....mainly cause I never use it

If there is some interest I'll work some more on it.

[December 11, 2011] python firebird driver pyfirebirdsql 0.6.4 is released

is the download page and the full changelog

[December 10, 2011] Logging C# applications in the database FireBird Embedded with NLog 2.0

Tutorial is about logging into the Firebird database using NLog 2.0.

Article is in Russian Language but you can try to read the google translation.

PS: Let's hop you will not spend 5 hours and yogurt to fight with this again ;)

[December 10, 2011] and firebird part one and two

are in Portuguese but you can use google translate.

In this post, we will begin a series of articles regarding how to use Firebird DBMS (Database Management System Data) in an ASP.NET 4.0, C #, using Visual Studio 2010.

[December 10, 2011] Sorting using blob column on Firebird

Jiri Cincura wrote a new blog post about Sorting using blob column on Firebird:
Imagine you have a blob column and you want to add sorting clause to your query based on that column. Crazy? Might be. On the other hand, why not?

[December 10, 2011] Hierarchical database structures and Firebird PSQL

The idea of storing a hierarchical data in a relational database is very simple, but effective work with such a data requires some knowledge of server-side programming using procedural SQL (PSQL). So the hierarchical data structures are a good chance to get acquainted with PSQL. For demonstration purposes I created a simple database with single table TCLASS containing Delphi class hierarchy

The rest of the article is here.

[December 08, 2011] Future for Python driver merging the pure driver with the ctypes interface to Firebird

Pavel Cisar wrote on firebird python list:

Those who attended my "Python drivers" session at conference in Luxembourg already know that last two months I have worked on another Python driver for Firebird (codename fdb). It was just an experiment how far I could go in short time with another approach to implementation, not real attempt to replace both existing drivers (KInterbasDB and firebirdsql). However, it went so well, that we have a real chance to get out a truly universal pure Python driver for Firebird next year. Here are details...

[December 08, 2011] International Firebird Conference 2011 videos

Subscribe to Firebird Official Newsletter and be the first to have access to the recordings of the sessions from the International Firebird Conference 2011.

Subscribe now (of course, it is free!)

[December 05, 2011] firebird-devel is also archived now on gmane

Firebird-devel is now archived on gmane and you can use it in your favourite News Reader.

[December 01, 2011] AUDFL: advanced version of rFunc with support for 64-bit Windows and Linux

AUDFL is an advanced version of popular rFunc UDF library for Firebird 2.0-2.5.x, with 32/64-bit support for Windows and Linux. With AUDFL you can easy migrate your Firebird database with rFunc inside to 64-bit Firebird version.

AUDFL is developed by Maxim Filatov ( and supported by IBSurgeon.

AUDFL is under LGPL license — i.e., it's open source and it's 100% free.

Here you can download 32- and 64-bit versions of AUDFL for Windows and Linux, or download full source code (SVN) and build AUDFL yourself using Visual Studio Express or gcc.

If you found a bug or another problem, please create an appropriate ticket. If you need professional support on issues, related with rFunc/AUDFL, please contact IBSurgeon Support.

[November 30, 2011] Jason Wharton talks about FBConference 2011

I would just like to report to the IBO community that the Firebird Conference in Luxembourg was a great success. There were over 60 people in attendance and the sessions I attended were all very good. It's amazing what is being done with Firebird and what is coming in the future. Things are looking very good. The IB Objects session was well attended and it felt like some useful things were learned even by some of the long-time customers. If anyone is interested, the entire session was recorded. I can see about getting permission to put it up on YouTube or to post an MP3 download of it on a file sharing site. Send me a private email.

I think most of the fun we had was getting a personal contact with all the people we rub cyber shoulders with every day. Hopefully in the future there will be more people to come and attend.

I would like to stress the importance of everyone who uses Firebird to consider being a member of the foundation. Your opinions truly matter and your financial contributions are an investment in Firebird's success. All of those who develop Firebird are awesome people. I really enjoyed getting acquainted with them personally. I wish for them to have the means to be compensated financially for their efforts in Firebird. It could be a significant and justified temptation for them to get hired away from their efforts. The best way we can keep their brilliance and talent solely dedicated to Firebird is to give it the resources to secure their interests.

I am working on an idea to give a discount to all those who are members of the Firebird Foundation so if you have some ideas please let me know. I would like to be a strong supporter of Firebird as best I can so I am looking for ways to accomplish this.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton

[November 30, 2011] FB TraceManager V2.0.5 has been released

FB TraceManager V2.0.5 has been released.

More information on this new release can be found here:

[November 30, 2011] [FB/IB/Ora]Replicator V4.0.7 has been released


Release Notes Version 4.0.7 — 14th November 2011

New Features: None.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix sending of mail.
  • Fix occasional Linux daemon startup issue.
  • Fix Replication Manager loading of configuration if it was opened via the "Create" option.
  • Fix password decode on some Linuxes.
  • Fix issues after an Oracle connection fails.

[November 30, 2011] Node.js and Firebird installation and usage guide

The article is in Russian but you can use the google translate to make it close to English.

[November 29, 2011] node.js firebird driver 0.0.8 released with experimental support for #node on Windows

Here is the download page and you can check the Commit History for interesting changes.

Under Windows Unzip, modify config.js for your DB. Run: node.exe test.js

[November 29, 2011] Perl Firebird Driver DBD-Firebird 0.91 is released with minor fixes

Here is the list of changes and you can use the cpan download page to get the package.

PS: one cool features that is coming is preliminary ISQL-like tool using DBD::Firebird.

[November 29, 2011] Firebird 3.x OO API example

Pierre Y wrote on Firebird-devel list about the new Firebird 3.x api and he created a project for it:

Now I started playing with the new API. I created a project on github for it :

Is the OO API complete? I think very strange to still have to build DPB by hand... Can you expose something that may give access to the ClumpletWriter to ease that?

[November 26, 2011] #fbcon11 Pictures from conference

On the Firebird Facebook page there are some cool pictures from the conferece

[November 25, 2011] #fbcon11 tweet stream

You can watch the tweet stream from the conference rooms, live with pictures!/search?q=%23fbcon11

[November 24, 2011] Flamerobin video tutorial

We're brand new company, who is creating video guides for various software or systems. Recently, we made a video tutorial for your tool "Flamerobin" showing some basic management operations, like registering a database, managing users, changing SYSDBA password etc.
And the blog post related to this video.

[November 23, 2011] Recursive Queries in Firebird 2.5: example for WITH RECURSIVE

WITH RECURSIVE example with Firebird 2.5.x . Article is in Japanese but you can try to read the google translation

Google translate bar from chrome shows you a better rendering of the page.

[November 23, 2011] How to install Firebird server on Windows Video

Video guide is showing, how to install Firebird Server on a windows platform.

[November 22, 2011] FreePascal FCL web combined live example with ExtJS

The example
uses the latest 3.x version of the ExtJS Library installed at I changed a little the database, adding a before update or delete trigger to protect the demo account from accidents.

The database is a firebird 2.1 Superserver, and the server is a CentOS 5.7 64bit with ISPConfig and the is a subdomain.

Feel free to do whatever you want with the demo as long is up and running.

[November 22, 2011] TurboBird a cross platform FireBird database admin tool written in Lazarus

Turbo Bird
is a Firebird Administration tool. It enables you to create new Firebird database, create/modify tables, procedures, views, triggers, generators, roles, UDFs, Domains, and much more. Turbo Bird application is very easy to install and to use. There are Linux 32 bit, Windows 32 bit, and Mac OS binaries. You can install the source and compile it using Lazarus in any other Plateform that already supported by Lazarus.

[November 22, 2011] Start using for news / archive / blog interface for firebird related mailing list
I suggest to drop Atkins [for news readers] and start using I use it for several years in FireBase, and it had always been very stable.
We have also archive on mail-archive: <at> <at> <at> <at> <at> <at>

on gmane:

Firebird support archive and NNTP is back on gmane

[November 20, 2011] Firebird CpuAffinityMask for 16 core server? Question of the day

We have this question on serverfault and the answer is in that thread too:
I have a server with 16 cores. What do I set the CpuAffinityMask to?

1111 1111 1111 1111 is 65535, should I put 65535?

Also, how to I configure the SuperClassic server?

This is for Firebird 2.5.

[November 17, 2011] Delphi, Firebird, IBObjects and Transaction Management

I recently had reason to revisit transaction management in our application. The application makes extensive use of data aware grids (TDBGrid) and, as I am sure everyone is aware, it is impossible to explicitly manage transactions when you are displaying data in a grid.

Fortunately, IBObjects provides the means to automatically clean up transactions left hanging by TDBGrid. Unfortunately, this isn’t as well documented or as straightforward as I would like. So, after much research using the programmer’s secret weapon (Google) and a few questions posted to the IBObjects support group (thanks Jason) I think I finally understand how it works.

[November 17, 2011] Firebird + EXT4 + barrier 1/0 + FW ON/OFF

Philippe Makowski did some TPC tests and posted the results at fb-devel:


I'm a bit puzzled by the results I get I made test on Fedora 16 with Kernel 3.1.1-1.fc16.x86_64 on LVM2 Logical Volume of 10G

Firebird 2.5.1 Classic

hdparm /dev/vg_tests/testfb
multcount = 0 (off)
IO_support = 1 (32-bit)
readonly = 0 (off)
readahead = 8 (on)

hdparm -Tt /dev/vg_tests/testfb
Timing cached reads: 12976 MB in 2.00 seconds = 6496.46 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads: 174 MB in 3.02 seconds = 57.53 MB/sec

database : 1,8G
created with -w20
and buffers 1024

tpcc lanched with -a1 -b1 -W20 -T20 -r1 -R10 -i60
protocol TCP/IP

Scheduler was cfq (deadline scheduler results are really close)

First, on this box (certainly because Fedora 16 use ext4 driver only) ext3 give bad results

so on a database with -write async
for ext4

TPC-C Throughput: 5467.10 tpmC

TPC-C Throughput: 5427.88 tpmC

TPC-C Throughput: 562.11 tpmC

for a raw device
TPC-C Throughput: 6604.00 tpmC

with -write sync
for ext4

TPC-C Throughput: 165.11 tpmC

TPC-C Throughput: 566.89 tpmC

TPC-C Throughput: 568.11 tpmC

for a raw device
TPC-C Throughput: 396.78 tpmC

So reliability have a real cost
hard to have perf and reliability
I really wonder if we can't get MaxUnflushedWrites or something like that under Linux too
I would be curious to do same test with this parameter under Linux

it will not be really safe, but at least a medium solution for people because between
5467.10 tpmC (FW OFF and noatime,async,data=ordered,barrier=1)
165.11 tpmC (FW ON and noatime,async,data=ordered,barrier=1) seems that there is a room

with FW OFF and MaxUnflushedWrites = 100 and MaxUnflushedWriteTime = 5
TPC-C Throughput: 1155.67 tpmC

as expected between
5467.10 tpmC (FW OFF and noatime,async,data=ordered,barrier=1)
165.11 tpmC (FW ON and noatime,async,data=ordered,barrier=1)

but only partially reliable :(

[November 16, 2011] Firebird 2.5.1 final for ubuntu 11.10 published

The package is done (imported from debian repository) with minor modifications (ignoring new dpkg version requirement).

The install guide is the same located in the ubuntu wiki

[November 14, 2011] Group Statistics for Firebird SQL Community on

I'd like to share vital statistics on the activity, growth, and demographics of this group with you.

[November 14, 2011] ANN: Firebird Maestro 11.11 released

Firebird Maestro SQL Maestro Group is pleased to announce the release of Firebird Maestro v. 11.11, a powerful Windows GUI solution for Firebird administration and database development.

New version features Unicode support in SQL editors and viewers, updated code folding appearance, refactoring of database schema with Split Table wizard, viewing BLOB data as PDF and a lot of other useful things.

Read full press-release.

[November 13, 2011] Firebird 2.5.1 package for Debian Stable named Squeeze

Damyan Ivanov announced:

I have prepared packages from the current version in wheezy (, built for squeeze.

If these improve the situation, then we at least know the bug is fixed in that version and can start looking for the exact fix, which would take about 10 iterations (and probably several weeks).

[ED if you want to rebuild them for 32bits you can use these instructions.

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