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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
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Do you want to know how to become a sponsor of Firebird's development? Please read our How to Become a Sponsor.

Looking for the links for making donations or sponsorship payments on-line? Please read our Donate page.

Broadview Software Inc. Broadview Software Inc.

Complete broadcast information management systems. In addition to cash sponsorship, Broadview also provides hosting for all of the Firebird Project's Internet web, Tracker, database, mail and list services.
Ostendo Development-X Ltd

Development-X designs and develops operational software solutions for small to medium size businesses including manufacturers, various engineering job and service shops, sales, contractors and construction, wholesale distributors, exporters and importers and retailers. Ostendo® is its flagship product.
DRB Systems Inc. DRB Systems, Inc.

Computer solutions for the car care industries
Great Lakes Data Systems Great Lakes Data Systems

Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc. is the developer of WinCable®, the cable industry’s leading Windows®-based billing, subscriber management, and provisioning solution. GLDS has installed software for more than 300 operators in 36 countries worldwide.
IBPhoenix The IBPhoenix Company

IBPhoenix is an organisation that provides various support services to Firebird developers and users and distributes a range of Firebird-related software products.
IBSurgeon IBSurgeon

IBSurgeon is a vendor of Firebird recovery, optimization and maintenance tools. It also provides Firebird repair and optimization services.
Moscow Exchange Moscow Exchange

OJSC Moscow Exchange is the largest Russian exchange both in terms of turnover and the extensive client base. The main goal of the exchange is to provide Russian and foreign market participants and investors with a safe and effective access to the booming Russian market.
Syntess Software BV

Developers of ERP software sold with direct support to about 1600 small and medium sized companies in technical and construction services.
tabulex Tabulex

School Administration Software ~ Skoleadministrationssystemer
T.I.P. Group S.A.

Maker of TIP Integral, accounting and business ERP solutions, located in Mons, Belgium

Adept Software Gold Sponsor Adept Software

Software for the courier industry, based in Cape Town, South Africa.
CounterWorks, Inc. Gold Sponsor CounterWorks, Inc.

Computer systems for the automotive market.
Cointec Silver Sponsor Cointec Consultores Informática (Spain)

Soluciones consultoria Ingenierà aplicacada
QuickEasy Software Silver Sponsor QuickEasy Software

Modular estimating and management software solutions for printing companies, based in Cape Town, South Africa
Digirotas Informatica Ltda Bronze Sponsor Digirotas Informatíca Ltda (Brazil)

Developer of Wintour software for travel agencies
Passfield Bronze Sponsor Passfield Data Systems (U.K.)

Intelligent software for horticultural nurseries
Vertec AG Bronze Sponsor
Vertec Group (Switzerland, Germany, UK)
PSA Software for professional services companies covering all needs relating to CRM and ERP
FireBase/WarmBoot Bronze Sponsor Firebase/Warmboot Sistemas (Brazil)

Desenvolvimento de sistemas, treinamentos e consultoria em Firebird

Resource Donors

The following companies or individuals have donated resources for Firebird use:

BroadView News server hosting for Firebird developer and support list newsgroup mirrors; web server and Tracker server hosting; mail server hosting for FF committees and member forums.
IBPhoenix Extensive human resources; web and FTP hosting of Firebird user and technical documentation, FAQs and third-party tools links.
Mandriva Access to Mandriva Corporate Server 4 distribution for use in our building farm.
sas Coders maintaining the live development branch of the Vulcan code.
tipGroup Donated a Macbook computer for use in our building farm for MacOSX builds and testing.
Your Name Resources you donated.

Other Donors & Past Sponsors

Aaron Burns & Carroll (U.S.A.)  Konstantin Kononenko (Ukraine)
Advent Consultants (U.S.A.) Shushi Kurose (Japan)
AGL Concept (Burkina Faso) LCB Sarl (David Maitre, Switzerland)
Agroproject (Germany) Logismos GmbH (Zurich, Switzerland),
former sponsor
Paulo Henrique Albanez (Brazil) M-Files, Motive Systems (Finland),
former sponsor
AMPL Software Pty Ltd (NSW, Australia) L. Madaleno (Brazil)
Anonymous ("Lunar") (Japan) Martens & Prahl (Germany),
former Gold sponsor
Artur Anjos (Portugal) Dmitry Maximov (Russian Federation)
Apolo Ingenieria (Colombia),
former Silver sponsor
Maxi Emprendimientos (Paraguay)
Jose Araujo (Brazil) Maxsys ApS (Denmark),
former Bronze sponsor
Alain Aubin (Canada) May Teknoloji (Turkey)
Elisabete Bach (Brazil) Fausto B. Mendonca (Brazil)
Leonardo Balliache (Venezuela) Ralph Meyer (France)
Peter Bailey (Australia) Microcom ApS (Denmark),
former Silver sponsor
Guido Baiocchi (Italy) Lyubimka Mihaylova (Bulgaria)
Carlos Magno Barbosa (Brazil) Dmitry Mikoyelov (Latvia)
Bas-X (Australia),
more than 4 years a Gold sponsor
Kyle Miller (U.S.A.)
Russell Belding (New Zealand),
multiple donations
Paul J. Miller (U.K.)
Francesco Bellomo (Italy) Roman Mironov (Russian Federation)
Robson Benedito (Brazil) Alexandre Moradell (France)
Mauricio Betti (Italy) MordiCom d.o.o. (Slovenia)
BitBar Informática (Brazil),
multiple donations
Morfik Technology (Australia),
former Silver sponsor
Giovanni Bonetti (Italy) Dennis Mulder (Netherlands)
Bosch & Sohn (Germany) Peter Murad (U.S.A)
Brazil Delphi Users (Brazil) Matteo Nardi (Italy)
  ObjectMastery (Australia)
Former Platinum and Gold sponsor, for many years
Brickell Research (U.S.A.) Luiz Oliveira Moura (Brazil)
Massimo Brini (Italy) Joao Francisco Oliveira SB (Brazil)
Werner F. Bruhin (France) Bill Oliver "Power User" (U.S.A.),
frequent donor
Cristian Brunelli (Italy) OMnet AG, Ernst Genähr (Zurich, Switzerland)
Vivian Burrows (U.K.) One Net Avenue Systems Inc. (U.S.A.)
Jack Cane (U.S.A.) Vyacheslav Ozherelev (Russian Federation)
Marco Aurélio Castro (Brazil) Heitor Pereira (Brazil)
Cotelem S.A.R.L. (France) Claudio Pimenta (Brazil)
Counterworks Inc. (U.S.A.),
former sponsor
Sadettin Polat (Turkey)
dSoft-Bulgaria, Doychin Bondzhev (Bulgaria) ProfitMed (Russian Federation), former Silver sponsor
Roy Damman (Netherlands) Quickfast Software House Ltda (Brazil)
Thomas Decker (Germany) Ramon Ramos Fernandez (Spain)
Stephen Deetz (U.S.A.) Thomas Ranzetti (Italy)
Descpro (Kerala, India) Hector Manuel Rios Mendoza (U.S.A./Mexico)
Digirotas Informatica, Paulo Botelho (Brazil), multiple donations Rodrigo Robles (Brazil)
DISH2U (buyCalls LLC), U.S.A., former Bronze sponsor Jose Rodriguez (Venezuela)
Hernando Duque Corredor (Colombia) Mariano Rossello (Italy)
Dymatrix Solutions (U.S.A),
former sponsor
Antonio Muñoz Sanchez (Spain)
Ahmed Erdogan (Taiwan) S B Z Systems (Greece)
Juan Carlos Estrada Ayala (Mexico),
multiple donations
Uwe Schiftner (Austria)
Michael Elisat (Germany) Frank Schlottmann-Gödde (Germany)
Eternosoft (Spain) Paolo Sciarrini (Italy)
Firebase/Warmboot Systems (Brazil) Michael Shaw (U.S.A.)
 Firebird Developers Day 2014
attendee donations (Brazil)
 Sebastio Silva (Brazil)
 Firebird Developers Day 2013
attendee donations (Brazil)
Domingo Jr Sion (Philippines)
Firebird Developers Day 2011
attendee donations (Brazil)
Sourceforge Inc. (U.S.A.)
Firebird Developers Day 2010
attendee donations (Brazil)
SMS-Timing (Belgium),
former Silver sponsor
Firebird Developers Day 2009
attendee donations (Brazil)
Snizhko Nikita (Russian Federation)
Firebird Developers Day 2007
attendee donations (Brazil)
James Spry (U.S.A.)
Firebird Developers Day 2006
attendee donations (Brazil)
Stella-NPF Ltd (Kaluga, Russia),
mulitple donations and former sponsor
Firebird Japan Users Association (Japan),
former sponsor
Streicher & Co. (Germany),
multiple donations
Forschungsinstitut fur Anwendungsorientierte
(Linz, Austria)
Yonno Suarez Gutierrez (Colombia)
 Jordi Ferrando Fabra (Spain) Panya Suwan (Thailand)
André Meireles Fontes (Brazil) László Szakmári (Hungary)
Edmar O. Frazao (Brazil)  
Frred Software GmbH (Germany),
multiple donations
Marco Tammaro (Italy)
Dr Martin S. Gale (Melbourne, Australia) Task Force Systems Ltd (Channel Is., U.K.),
former Gold sponsor
Andreas Garzotti (Switzerland) Theos Informatica Ltda (Klayton Dias, Brazil)
Gentiane Informatique (Bernard Germain, France) Tiedtke-Bühling-Kinne & Partner GbR (Germany)
Mathias Gerlach (Germany) Andrew Taylor (Canada)
Gesellschaft für Logistikorganisation mbH (Hamburg, Germany) TMachines, s.r.o. (Slovakia)
Glorious Technology Co. Ltd (Yung Tse, Hong Kong),
multiple donations
Zvjezdan Tomicevic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
GmonE! GPS Tracking System (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Upscene Productions (Netherlands),
former sponsor
Artur Henneberg (Augsburg, Germany) UVData A/S (Denmark),
former Gold sponsor
James Hood (U.S.A) Ben van Mierlo (Netherlands)
HREF Tools Corp (U.S.A) Paul Vinkenoog (Netherlands)
Integra Software Ltda (Brazil) Valentin Voev (Bulgaria)
Intuitive Information Interfaces Inc. (Canada),
former Gold sponsor
Nigel Weeks (Australia)
Janus Software (Netherlands) Marcin Wojda (Poland)
Aage Johansen (Norway),
multiple donations
Zahir International PT (Indonesia)
Kalabukhov Alexandr (Russian Federation) Mauricio Zanatta (Brazil)
 Nail Khaliullin (U.S.A) Cserna Zsombor (Hungary)

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