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Firebird Conference 2014

The Firebird Project is pleased to announce Firebird Conference 2014: The most important international event devoted to Firebird. The Firebird Conference 2014 will be a meeting point for all Firebird users and developers of Firebird. It's the best place to share and receive Firebird knowledge!

The Firebird Conference 2014 will take place on October 24-25, 2014, in Prague, Czech Republic, at the Clarion Congress Hotel (see details about its location).

There will be 2 simultaneous threads to the conference, over two full days.

Top Speakers

The main speakers at the conference will be:
1) Dmitry Yemanov, Firebird Code developer and architect
2) Vlad Khorsun, Firebird Core developer
3) Alex Peshkoff, Firebird Core developer
4) Mark Rotteveel, Firebird JDBC (JayBird) driver developer
5) Jiri Cincura, Firebird .NET driver developer
6) Pavel Cizar, Firebird QA and IBPhoenix
7) Dmitry Kuzmenko, IBSurgeon
8) Roman Simakov, Red Soft
and more.

And special speakers will be Jim Starkey and Ann Harrison!
Stay tuned for more details about top presentations.


The main sponsors of the Firebird Conference are IBPhoenixIBSurgeon, Sita Software, Red Soft, Microtec and Moscow Exchange.

If you’d like to become a sponsor of Firebird Conference, please contact us to get more details.

Sponsorships start from EUR 500 and includes at least 2 free attendees' packages.

Main topics

The main topics at Firebird Conference 2014 will be published very soon!


Early Bird registration is open: conference package (2 days) is EUR 90 only!.


The Conference venue will be in the Clarion Congress Hotel but it is not a requirement for attendees to stay there. Since it is pretty expensive hotel, check the neighborhood: there are many other options.

Later we will be listing several suggestions but there is no need to wait for our list. International attendees especially may want to take advantage of good prices by booking now.


Feel free to ask any questions!

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