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Firebird is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide. High compatibility with industry standards on many fronts makes Firebird the obvious choice for developing interoperable applications for homogeneous and hybrid environments.
Third-party Docs and Articles
Online Documentation Downloadable Version
Writing External Functions - A General Guide PDF available
Firebird Hardware Guide PDF English, PDF Russian
How to find and delete duplicate records in Firebird  
12 Common Mistakes while Backing Up Databases PDF available
Using ZeBeDee with Firebird to Encrypt and Compress Network Traffic PDF available
Tuning 1.7 Terabyte Firebird database  
Connecting to Firebird 1.5 on Linux  
Using Firebird with OpenOffice PDF available
Tracking Down Crashes on Linux  
Tracking Down Crashes on Win32 Systems  
To BLOB or Not To BLOB?  
User and Password Management  
Firebird, DreamWeaver, PHP & Phakt PDF available
How we installed InterBase 6 on Red Hat 6.2 & 7  
How to pump data from the corrupted database
Old but Possibly Useful
Writing UDFs for InterBase (2000)  
Database Constraints in InterBase and Firebird  
Firebird and InterBase Corruption Reasons  
Some Solutions to Old Problems  
Data Types in InterBase and Firebird  
Tables. Primary keys and generators  
Indices in InterBase and Firebird  
The full list of serious InterBase and Firebird errors (bugcheck)  
Views in InterBase and Firebird  
Ten Things To Make InterBase Scream (1998) PDF available
The InterBase and Firebird Developer Magazine #1 PDF Available
The InterBase and Firebird Developer Magazine #2 PDF Available
The InterBase and Firebird Developer Magazine #3 PDF Available
The InterBase and Firebird Developer Magazine #4 PDF Available
Articles in German
Firebird 3 Vorschau - Teil 1
Firebird 3 Vorschau - Teil 2
Firebird 3 Vorschau - Teil 3
PDF available
PDF available
PDF available
Audit und Trace Services in Firebird 2.5 PDF available
Firebird 2.5 PDF available
Aggregatstabellen mit Firebird PDF available
Firebird 2.1 PDF available
Firebird 2.0 - Teil 2 PDF available 
Fyracle - Oracle-Modus für Firebird PDF available
Firebird Embedded Server PDF available
Firebird 2.0 - Teil 1 PDF available
Eigentümermigration in InterBase und Firebird PDF available
Firebird 1.5 PDF available
Roll-Forward-Log für InterBase/Firebird PDF available
Serverseitiges Auditing für InterBase/Firebird PDF available
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