Class AbstractFbAttachment<T extends AbstractConnection<? extends IAttachProperties<?>,​? extends FbAttachment>>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractFbAttachment

        protected AbstractFbAttachment​(T connection,
                                       DatatypeCoder datatypeCoder)
    • Method Detail

      • withLock

        public final LockCloseable withLock()
        Description copied from interface: FbAttachment
        Locks the lock with Lock.lock() (or equivalent).

        The returned LockClosable can be used to unlock, preferably for use in a try-with-resources.

        Specified by:
        withLock in interface FbAttachment
        lock closeable which unlocks the lock on close
      • isLockedByCurrentThread

        public final boolean isLockedByCurrentThread()
        Description copied from interface: FbAttachment
        Queries if the lock is held by the current thread.
        Specified by:
        isLockedByCurrentThread in interface FbAttachment
        true if current thread holds this lock and false otherwise
        See Also:
      • forceClose

        public void forceClose()
                        throws java.sql.SQLException
        Forces the connection to close without proper detach or cleanup.

        If a given implementation does not support this, then this method should call FbAttachment.close().

        Default implementation, calls FbAttachment.close()

        Specified by:
        forceClose in interface FbAttachment
        java.sql.SQLException - For problems closing the connection.
      • setServerVersion

        protected final void setServerVersion​(java.lang.String... versionStrings)
        Sets the Firebird version from one or more version string elements.

        This method should only be called by this instance.

        versionStrings - Raw version strings
      • getServerVersionInformation

        protected getServerVersionInformation()
      • setAttached

        protected final void setAttached()
        Called when this attachment is attached.

        Only this AbstractFbDatabase instance should call this method.

      • isAttached

        public boolean isAttached()
        Description copied from interface: FbAttachment
        Current attachment status.
        Specified by:
        isAttached in interface FbAttachment
        true if connected to the server and attached to a database or service, false otherwise.
      • setDetached

        protected final void setDetached()
        Called when this attachment is detached.

        Only this AbstractFbAttachment instance should call this method.

      • getNetworkTimeout

        public int getNetworkTimeout()
                              throws java.sql.SQLException
        Description copied from interface: FbAttachment
        Gets the current network timeout for this attachment.
        Specified by:
        getNetworkTimeout in interface FbAttachment
        Timeout in milliseconds, 0 means no timeout
        java.sql.SQLException - If this attachment is closed
        java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException - If this attachment doesn't support network timeout
      • checkConnected

        protected abstract void checkConnected()
                                        throws java.sql.SQLException
        Checks if the attachment is connected, and throws a SQLException if it isn't connected.
      • safelyDetach

        protected final void safelyDetach()
        Performs FbAttachment.close() suppressing any exception.