Interface DbCryptCallback

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    public interface DbCryptCallback
    Plugin for Firebird database encryption callback.

    Database encryption callbacks are allowed to be stateful (eg if they require multiple callbacks to work). A new callback instance is created for each authentication phase of a connection (a connection can have multiple authentication phases).

    NOTE: This plugin is currently only internal to Jaybird, consider the API as unstable.

    Mark Rotteveel
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      • getDbCryptCallbackName

        java.lang.String getDbCryptCallbackName()
        Name of the database encryption callback.
        Name for identifying this callback within Jaybird.
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      • handleCallback

        DbCryptData handleCallback​(DbCryptData serverData)
        Callback method to be called with the server data.

        The implementation should reply with a response for the provided data. If the plugin cannot provide a response (eg because the server data is invalid), use an empty reply (eg use DbCryptData.EMPTY_DATA, or construct your own). The plugin should not throw an exception.

        serverData - Data received from the server (never null).
        Reply data (never null, use DbCryptData.EMPTY_DATA if there is no (valid) reply).