Interface DbCryptCallbackSpi

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    public interface DbCryptCallbackSpi
    Service provider interface for database encryption callback plugins.

    NOTE: This plugin is currently only internal to Jaybird, consider the API as unstable.

    Mark Rotteveel
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      • getDbCryptCallbackName

        java.lang.String getDbCryptCallbackName()
        Name of the database encryption callback.

        This name is for identification and selection purposes. As the name will be used in connection properties, we suggest to use relatively simple/short names, but make sure it is unique enough to prevent name conflicts. Consider using something like <company-or-author>.<name>.

        Name for identifying this callback within Jaybird.
      • createDbCryptCallback

        DbCryptCallback createDbCryptCallback​(java.lang.String dbCryptConfig)
        Creates the database encryption callback with a configuration string.

        The configuration string of the dbCryptConfig connection property is plugin specific, but we suggest the following conventions:

        • For binary data, use prefix base64: to indicate the rest of the string is base64-encoded
        • Avoid use of &, ; or :, or 'hide' this by using base64 encoding; this is necessary to avoid existing limitations in the parsing of connection properties that are added directly to the URL (we hope to address this in the future), and to allow support for other prefixes similar to base64:
        dbCryptConfig - Configuration string from connection properties, or null if absent
        Database encryption callback