Class V11WireOperations

    • Method Detail

      • enqueueDeferredAction

        public final void enqueueDeferredAction​(DeferredAction deferredAction)
        Description copied from interface: FbWireOperations
        Enqueue a deferred action.

        FbDatabase implementations that do not support deferred actions are allowed to throw an UnsupportedOperationException (which the default implementation does).

        deferredAction - Deferred action
      • processDeferredActions

        public final void processDeferredActions()
        Description copied from interface: FbWireOperations
        Processes any deferred actions. Protocol versions that do not support deferred actions should simply do nothing.

        WARNING: If the server queues deferred responses, and expects an operation (e.g. op_batch_sync, op_batch_exec or op_ping) to actual send those responses, this method may block indefinitely.