Class V10WireOperations

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      • authReceiveResponse

        public void authReceiveResponse​(FbWireAttachment.AcceptPacket acceptPacket,
                                        DbCryptCallback dbCryptCallback,
                                        FbWireOperations.ProcessAttachCallback processAttachCallback)
        Description copied from interface: FbWireOperations
        Receive authentication response from the server.

        This method is only relevant for protocol V13 or higher.

        acceptPacket - Packet with op_cond_accept data, or null when the data should be read from the connection.
        dbCryptCallback - Database encryption callback (ignored by protocols v12 and lower)
        processAttachCallback - Callback for processing the final attach response
        Throws: - For errors reading the response from the connection.
        java.sql.SQLException - For errors returned from the server, or when attempting to read.