Class V12Database

    • Constructor Detail

      • V12Database

        protected V12Database​(WireDatabaseConnection connection,
                              ProtocolDescriptor descriptor)
        Creates a V12Database instance.
        connection - A WireConnection with an established connection to the server.
        descriptor - The ProtocolDescriptor that created this connection (this is used for creating further dependent objects).
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      • cancelOperation

        public void cancelOperation​(int kind)
                             throws java.sql.SQLException
        Description copied from interface: FbDatabase
        Cancels the current operation.

        The cancellation types are:

        disables execution of fb_cancel_raise requests for the specified attachment. It can be useful when your program is executing critical operations, such as cleanup, for example.
        re-enables delivery of a cancel execution that was previously disabled. The 'cancel' state is effective by default, being initialized when the attachment is created.
        cancels any activity related to the database handle. The effect will be that, as soon as possible, the engine will try to stop the running request and return an exception to the caller
        forcibly close client side of connection. Useful if you need to close a connection urgently. All active transactions will be rolled back by the server. 'Success' is always returned to the application. Use with care!

        Specified by:
        cancelOperation in interface FbDatabase
        cancelOperation in class V10Database
        kind - Cancellation type
        java.sql.SQLException - For errors cancelling, or if the cancel operation is not supported.