Class SqlParser

    • Method Detail

      • withReservedWords

        public static SqlParser.Builder withReservedWords​(ReservedWords reservedWords)
        Creates a builder for a SQL parser with a supplier of reserved words.
        reservedWords - Reserved words
        builder to complete initialization of a SQL parser
      • parse

        public void parse()
        Starts parsing of the statement text.
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - When parse() has already been parsed, or there are no registered visitors.
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      • resumeParsing

        public void resumeParsing()
        Start or resume parsing of the statement text.

        If the parsing process previously stalled because there were no more visitors, this continues parsing at the point the parser previously stopped. If parsing was not yet started (e.g. using parse()), it will start.

        java.lang.IllegalStateException - When parsing was already completed, parsing is already in progress, or there are no registered visitors
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      • isStarted

        public boolean isStarted()
      • isParsing

        public boolean isParsing()
      • isCompleted

        public boolean isCompleted()