Interface FirebirdBlob

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    FBBlob, FBCachedBlob

    public interface FirebirdBlob
    extends java.sql.Blob
    Firebird Blob abstraction. This interface defines methods to read and write Blob content.
    Roman Rokytskyy
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      • detach

        FirebirdBlob detach()
                     throws java.sql.SQLException
        Detach this blob. This method creates new instance of the same blob database object that is not under result set control. When result set is closed, all associated resources are also released, including open blob streams. This method creates a new instance of blob object with the same blob ID that can be used even when result set is closed.

        Note, detached blob will not remember the stream position of this object. This means that you cannot start reading data from the blob, then detach it, and then continue reading. Reading from detached blob will begin at the blob start.

        instance of FirebirdBlob that is not under result set control.
        java.sql.SQLException - if Blob cannot be detached.
      • isSegmented

        boolean isSegmented()
                     throws java.sql.SQLException
        Check if blob is segmented. If Blob is segmented, you cannot use method.
        true if this blob is segmented, otherwise false